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What the experts are saying about BabyPlus

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"For their child's lifetime development, every parent-to-be should hear about this discovery, an innovation
representing the single most significant step science has taken towards increasing infant potential. Dr. Logan
has sought nothing less than doubling human performance in one generation - and it appears he is
succeeding". Rene Van De Carr, M.D. and author of Your own Prenatal Classroom.

"Our work at the Educational Development Foundation has been focused on increasing the speed of learning
and we have determined, without a doubt, that Dr. Logan's BabyPlus is the earliest method to accomplish this
goal. As we observe the BabyPlus prebirth learners at Gahanna Children's College, our early childhood
research center, we see them learn new skill in the areas of cognition, communication, socialization, fine motor
and gross motor skills much faster than any of the traditional birth learners. BabyPlus babies are "Born to
Learn". Bob Bennett, Ph.D., President, Educational Development Foundation

"BabyPlus is a brilliant invention. I have used it myself, will definitely use it again, and have only positive things
to say about it in my book". Sarah Brewer, M.D. and author of Super Baby

"It is hard to overestimate the benefits". Roy Ridgeway, Author of The Unborn Child