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Just for ordering BabyPlus you will receive absolutely FREE the "SMART PACK"!

1. My Baby's First CD
2. Smart Sounds Volume I
3. Smart Sounds Volume II
4. Smart DVD Volumes 1-4

$90 Retail Value Free with Babyplus

You will Receive "My Baby's First CD" "Smart Sounds Volume I" Smart Sounds Volume II" "Smart DVD Volumes 1-4" absolutely FREE




when you order The BabyPlus prenatal enrichment system! Click here for more info

Your child will learn

* Capital ABC letters with pictures
* Lower case abc letters
* Primary colors
* Numbers
* Quantities
* Babies First Words with Pictures
* Counting

* Learn the real sounds other babies make

* Listening Skills
* Vocal Expression
* Cooing Sounds
* Laughing Sounds
* Happy Talk
* How to say "DaDa"
* How to say "MaMa"

PLUS MORE.........
The music of Mozart will play as your baby watches the CD's and DVD's. You can set the CD to "auto" flip
through each card if you wish or you may manually flip through each flash card as you interact with your baby.
The CD launches automatically when you insert it into your CD drive. No need to install extra programs or utilities.

The "Smart Pack" retails for over $90 buy you will receive it absolutely FREE with your BabyPlus purchase.