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About The Smart Baby

Our mission is to provide experiences that will stimulate your child's brain and enhance his or her intelligence.

During a child's early years, brain cells are extremely sensitive to what goes on in their environment.
Positive experiences, and (unfortunately) negative ones have a life long impact.
It is important to provide your child with an enriched environment and positive experiences in
the areas of visual, auditory, tactile and language stimulation. This will affect the development of their
physical and emotional abilities and lay the foundation for learning later in life.

The latest research shows that the brain grows at a very fast pace during the first 3 years of life.
It is during this time that the electrical connections (called synapses)  inside the brain are forming
at the most rapid rate. The stimulation and experiences you provide your child are what creates
these synapses. The quantity and quality of these synapses are a determining factor in intelligence.


The Smart Baby